10 Healthy Dinner Ideas

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10 healthy dinner ideas

Eat your dinner early. Have light dinner. Don’t eat too much carbs for dinner. These are some of the dilemmas that surround our last meal of the day.
And all this just makes it even more difficult to decide a healthy, nutritious meal. Here are some noteworthy tips. You can decide which one suits you perfect.

High protein dinner – Low carb but high protein for people who workout a lot and want to add more muscle less weight. 

Masoor Dal soup, 3 Bean/sprouts salad and Tofu or mutton curry with just 2 rotis. Complete with 1 glass chaas.

Whole Masoor Dal - Cook With Manali
Asian Style Bean Sprout & Corn Salad Recipe by Archana's Kitchen
Masala Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk) - Cook With Manali

Weight watchers dinner – When you want to keep a check on your weight 

Mushroom soup and mixed vegetable salad with tofu/sprouts and cucumber raita

Cream of Mushroom Soup | The Cozy Apron
Kentucky Fare with Israeli Flair - SOLD OUT - Waterfront Botanical Gardens
Vegan Cucumber Raita, Soy-Free | Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

High fibre dinner- When you want meals with high satiety.

 Kachumber salad (onions turnip cucumber tomato and carrot), brown rice/multi grain rotis with rajmahBhindi ki sabzi.

Kachumber Salad Recipe (Step by Step + Video) - Whiskaffair
How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice - Cookie and Kate
Multigrain Roti Recipe (Step by Step + Video) - Whiskaffair
Bhindi Masala - Cook With Manali

Late night dinner – When work hours are beyond normal bed time

 Ham /cheese and lettuce sandwiches and fruit smoothies

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Easy Fruit Smoothie - Like Mother Like Daughter

Think healthy – Grillers

 Barbequed -Grilled veggies, grilled Tofu or grilled chicken/fish with lettuce and beetroot salad

Exotic veggie with Aztec mole poblano - Picture of Barbeque Nation Salt  Lake, Sec 5, Kolkata (Calcutta) - Tripadvisor
Whole Fish Barbequed | The Cook Book

Think easy dinner – When a person is fatigued and wants a quick easy meal. 

Pasta with Pesto or Arabiatta sauce with seasoned veggies ( like -broccoli, cauliflower zucchini, 3 colored peppers) with garlic bread. Pasta Sauce can be bought if need be.

Penne Arrabbiata recipe - Tastes Better From Scratch

One pot meal – All done in one shot 

Chick pea pilafpulau or Chicken/mutton Biryani or Meat in a pot

Chicken & Chickpeas Pilau - Fauzia's Kitchen Fun
Mutton Biryani Recipe | How to Make Mutton Biryani - Catch Foods

Big family home dinners – when all the family members sit down to eat a decent home cooked full course meal. 

This can be a full course meal with soup or/& salad, rotis, alu methi curry , dal tadka or fish curry , 1 cup curd ( optional). Complete with a small bowl of cut fruits 30 minutes post meal.

Veg Grand Thali - Picture of Grand Estancia, Salem - Tripadvisor

Dinner on the `GO’ – Need to eat a good home meal while travelling. Easy, no fuss but hearty.

Kathi rolls – Achari chicken or Achari vegetable (carrot, beans, onion potato and cauliflower) rolled in a roti.

Kathi roll recipe | How to make veg kati roll | Kids Recipes
Achari Chicken: Bold, Spicy and Bursting with Flavor | Indian Ambrosia
Curried Vegetables with Indian Pickled Spices (Achari Veg Curry) – The  Healthified Plate

Here are two more…

Dinner – Vegan style 

Tomato rasam and broken wheat upma or rotis with vegetable stew (potato, onion, peas, carrots)

Tomato Rasam Recipe With Step By Step Photos - Thakkali Rasam, Tomato Charu
EzCookBook: Rava Upma Roti
Kerala Style Vegetable Stew Recipe | MariasMenu

Dinner – Health freak

Jowar rotis with palak paneer ( paneer substitute with tofu), or ragi balls with green and beans sambhar, egg white scrambled and skimmed thin buttermilk

Jowar Bhakri Recipe, How to make Jowar Bhakri - Vaya.in
Instant Pot Palak Paneer - Indian Veggie Delight
Egg White Avocado & Tomato Scramble Recipe and Nutrition - Eat This Much

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