Calcium Contents of Food One Must Always Know

Dairy and Soy
Amount    Calcium (mg)   
Milk (skim, low fat, whole)1 cup300    
Buttermilk1 cup300
Cottage Cheese0.5 cup65
Ice Cream or Ice Milk0.5 cup100
Sour Cream, cultured1 cup250
Soy Milk, calcium fortified1 cup200 to 400
Yogurt1 cup450
Yogurt drink12 oz300
Carnation Instant Breakfast    1 packet250
Hot Cocoa, calcium fortified1 packet320
Nonfat dry milk powder5 Tbsp300
Brie Cheese1 oz50
Hard Cheese (cheddar, jack)    1 oz200
Mozzarella1 oz200
Parmesan Cheese1 Tbsp70
Swiss or Gruyere1 oz270


Acorn squash, cooked1 cup  90    
Arugula, raw1 cup125
Bok Choy, raw1 cup40
Broccoli, cooked1 cup180
Chard or Okra, cooked1 cup100
Chicory (curly endive), raw    1 cup40
Collard greens1 cup50
Corn, brine packed1 cup10
Dandelion greens, raw1 cup80
Kale, raw1 cup55
Kelp or Kombe1 cup60
Mustard greens1 cup40
Spinach, cooked1 cup240
Turnip greens, raw1 cup80


Figs, dried, uncooked1 cup  300    
Kiwi, raw1 cup50
Orange juice, calcium fortified8 oz300
Orange juice, from concentrate    1 cup20


Garbanzo Beans, cooked1 cup80    
Legumes, general, cooked    0.5 cup15 to 50
Pinto Beans, cooked1 cup75
Soybeans, boiled0.5 cup    100
Temphe0.5 cup75
Tofu, firm, calcium set4 oz    250 to 750    
Tofu, soft regular4 oz120 to 390
White Beans, cooked0.5 cup70


Cereals (calcium fortified)    0.5 to 1 cup    250 to 1000    
Amaranth, cooked0.5 cup135
Bread, calcium fortified1 slice   150 to 200
Brown rice, long grain, raw    1 cup50
Oatmeal, instant1 package100 to 150
Tortillas, corn285

Nuts and Seeds

Almonds, toasted unblanched1 oz.80
Sesame seeds, whole roasted    1 oz.280
Sesame tahini1 oz. (2 Tbsp)    130    
Sunflower seeds, dried1 oz.50


Mackerel, canned    3 oz.    250
Salmon, canned, with bones    3 oz.170 to 210    
Sardines3 oz.370


Molasses, blackstrap    1 Tbsp    135    

* When range is given, calcium content varies by product.

* The calcium content of plant foods is varied. Most vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit contain some calcium. Listed are selected significant sources of well-absorbed calcium.


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How Much Do You Need?

AgeCalcium (mg)  
1 – 3 year old500 mg    
4 — 8 year old800 mg
9 – 18 year old1300 mg
19 – 50 year old1000 mg
51 – 70 year old     1200 mg
70 and older1200 mg

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