Bored of regular flavour? Add these ingredients to enhance the aroma of daily food

Tips to enhance the aroma of daily food

The biggest question that every household faces every day is-what to cook? And this question comes along with another tag, how to improve the taste and feel of the same regular food? While the former remains an unsolved puzzle, we have the answer to the latter. This piece of information features some simple kitchen ingredients that can enhance the aroma and taste of your daily homemade food. The best thing is, you don’t need to make an extra effort. Don’t you believe, scroll and find it out. (Image: istock)

​Garlic and Onion

The best and simplest way to make your savoury food flavourful is to add onion and garlic to it. All you need to do is sauté some garlic and onion along with any vegetable or grain and feel the change in aroma and taste. (Image: istock)


Use them fresh or dried, they are aromatic and create unbeatable magic that can enhance the overall feel of any dish. From savoury to desserts, they can be used in every meal for a pleasing experience. You can experiment with basil, dill, rosemary, lemongrass, and marjoram to name a few. (Image: istock)

Citrus juice

Not just the juice, even the zest makes a lot of difference to your dish and that is the magic lemon and other citrus ingredients offer. From salads to dals, and juices to cakes, you can use this ingredient as you wish (but mildly) and it will give you that kick. While the juice gives you the tang, zest gives a hint of tartness. (Image: istock)


Use it fresh, powdered or in the form of juice, this strong ingredient adds a subtle freshness to the dish and goes well as salad dressing, and when mixed with juices, it makes it even more flavourful. It gives a little extra zing when used raw, and mellows well when cooked. (Image: istock)


It is often used in tempering in Indian cuisines because it enhances the taste and look of the dish. Apart from that, it is loaded with nutritional benefits too. If you don’t like it in tempered form, simply roast and grind and use it for dry veggies, raita, drinks, and salad and let the aroma do its magic. (Image: istock)

​Balsamic Vinegar

It has a sweet and sour note and thus calls for extra care while adding it to any savoury dish of your choice. It goes well with pasta, sautéed veggies, and even raw salads as a marinade. (Image: istock)


It is not just an immunity-boosting spice, but it is an equally colourful element that can change the visual appeal of your dish. It gives a yellow-orange tint to the dish and offers a mild and fragrant flavour. You can add it to soups, curries, and even milk and enjoy that tint and flavour. (Image: istock)


If you have enjoyed cardamom tea, then you will understand the magic it adds to the beverage. You can add it to your baked goods, pancakes, Indian desserts like halwa, rasmalai and so on and it creates wonder. And if you want to try, add it to your curry and even biryani to have that extra kick. (Image: istock)


This is another spice that comes with a strong aroma and flavour that can make cookies and even curries soothing for your taste buds. All you need to do is, simply grate and add it to the dough or curry and it will change the aroma of your final dish.

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