UN Secretary-General praises Qatar’s efforts which contributed to reaching ceasefire in Gaza Strip


New York – Secretary-General of the United Nations HE Antonio Guterres, praised the State of Qatar’s efforts that contributed to reaching ceasefire between Gaza Strip and Israel.

The UN chief has welcomed the ceasefire declared between Gaza and Israel, following 11 days of rocket and air attacks, which have left deaths, and offered his deepest condolences to the victims of violence and their families, saying: “I commend Egypt and Qatar for the efforts carried out, in close coordination with the UN, to help restore calm to Gaza and Israel”, the UN chief added, calling on all sides to observe the ceasefire.

Guterres said it was essential for the wider international community to work with the UN, to develop “an integrated, robust package of support for a swift, sustainable reconstruction and recovery, that supports the Palestinian people and strengthens their institutions.”

He stressed that leaders in Israel and Palestine had a responsibility “beyond the restoration of calm, to start a serious dialogue to address the root causes of the conflict.”

He described Gaza as an “integral part of the future Palestinian State” saying no effort should be spared to bring about ‘real national reconciliation that ends the division.’

Guterres underscored the UNs “deep commitment” to working with Israelis and Palestinians, and with all international and regional partners, including through the Middle East Quartet, ‘to return to the path of meaningful negotiations to end the occupation and allow for the realization of a two-State solution on the basis of the 1967 lines, UN resolutions, international law and mutual agreements.’

Asked what he thought the next step should be, the Secretary-General said that stabilizing the ceasefire was the immediate priority, also the need for a strong humanitarian aid and recovery program for Gaza, in addition to the resumption and revitalization of the peace process in order to reach a two-state solution.

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