Qatar revises Covid-19 green list (low-risk countries) from November 15

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Doha: Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has reduced the number of countries in its green list from November 15.

Travelers returning from low-risk countries must have COVID-19 test upon arrival at the Airport and sign a Home Quarantine Undertaking to comply with the home quarantine procedure for a week.

If you have been tested at an approved MOPH COVID-19 testing center, you will not require a test on arrival at Hamad International Airport. You should present your COVID19-free certificate to the Medical officers at the Airport and begin your 7-days period of home quarantine.

The revised list of low-risk (green list) countries, published on its website, has around 23 countries and is effective from Sunday, November 15.

The State of Qatar has categorized the following countries in a Green List, effective Sunday 15th November, to facilitate the quarantine policy and Covid-19 travel restrictions to people arriving into Qatar from these countries. The list and related travel advice will be reviewed regularly and published accordingly,” MoPH said on its website.

The new list of countries are:

1. Brunei Darussalam
2. Thailand 
3. China

A. Hong Kong SAR – China
B. Macau SAR – China ​
4. New Zealand 
5. Vietnam 
6. Malaysia 
7. South Korea 
8. Finland 
9. Latvia
10. Estonia
11. Norway
12. Greece 
13. Japan
14. Canada 
15. Turkey
16. Australia
17. Sweden
18. Maldives
19. Mexico
20. Singapore
21. Chile
22. Iran
23. Mauritius

FAQ for travellers from green list countries:

– Travelers returning from one of the countries on the COVID-19 Green List are eligible for home quarantine.
– You must undergo at least seven days of home quarantine following your return to Qatar. 
 – You will be tested at one of the health centers on the 6th day of home quarantine.
– There are Ten Rules of Home Quarantine that you must adhere to: 
1.    You must have a suitable housing condition with the availability of your own room and linked bathroom.
2.    You must sign an undertaking to abide by the rules of home-based quarantine.
3.    You must watch a short video on the home quarantine measures and read the Home Quarantine Booklet.
4.    You must apply preventive measures at home to protect others.    
5.    You must have a swab test on day 6 after your arrival back to Doha at one of the PHCC healthcare centers.
6.    You must answer the phone calls from the public health team during your home quarantine.
7.    You must agree to receive a visit from the public health team every 2 to 3 days.
8.    You must inform the public health team if you develop any symptoms (fever, cough, body aches, change in taste or smell)
9.    You must download the Ehteraz app. 
10.    You should not receive visitors while under home quarantine.

– The house should have a separate room with an ensuite bathroom. If the house is not suitable for home quarantine, then the individual should book one of the hotel quarantine packages via the “Discover Qatar” website. The housing condition will not be checked; however, the individual will sign a Home Quarantine undertaking that their house condition complies with the requirements.

– Upon arrival back to Doha, you are required to download Ehteraz app on your mobile. Your health status on Ehteraz will change to Yellow within a few hours from arrival, which means that you are under quarantine.

– Your Ehteraz status will remain Yellow for the full duration of the Quarantine (either 7 days for the COVID-19 Green Listed countries or 14 days for the other countries that are not included in the list), even if you do the swab test on day 6, and your result is negative, your Ehteraz will remain Yellow until you have completed the full quarantine course, which is the midnight of the last day of quarantine.

– Note that if you do your swab test earlier than your scheduled day, even if the result is negative, your health status on Ehteraz will remain Yellow, and you will need to repeat the swab test.

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