QMD cautions about sunstroke as hot weather conditions continue

The Peninsula Online

Doha: As the country continues to face hot weather conditions, QMD also warned of heat stroke or sunstroke which occurs when the body becomes unable to cool itself through sweating. 

“Hot weather across the country with temperature currently ranging between 34-47 ْC. Please avoid direct exposure to sunlight,” the weather bureau said. QMD also mentioned that “chances of a sunstroke increase when humidity rises in hot weather conditions.”

The symptoms include the following:

1. Rapid heartbeat

2. No sweating. Hot/ red skin

3. Dizziness and headache

4. Unconsciousness 

5. Vomiting

QMD also shared a number of ways to prevent sunstroke such as not wearing dark and thick clothes, limiting outdoor time, using a sunscreen and an umbrella, drinking enough water, and cool showering.

Qatar Safar

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