Weight loss: 5 ways your high protein diet is making you gain weight

01/7Is your high protein diet making you gain weight?

Protein is an essential nutrient and it’s important to have it regularly. While proper protein intake helps maintain muscle mass, stay fuller for longer hours, support your immune system and healthy functioning, it is also often also believed that having a high protein diet is crucial to follow when you are on a mission to lose weight in the short term.

Prioritizing intake of protein rich foods, including legumes, seeds, poultry, tofu may also help beat your carb cravings when you are on a weight loss plan. However, all being said, it’s best consumed in moderation.

02/7Here’s what you need to be careful of

Fixating on a high protein diet, for example, may be slyly stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals, and instead making you put on weight.

We tell you 5 ways as to how that can happen:

03/7Consuming too much of non-vegetarian protein

Consuming too much, or unmoderated amounts of protein in a day can cause problems and not really help you sustain weight loss. While poultry and meat are rich sources of protein, do remember that they also pack in significantly higher calories than other protein sources. Thus, solely relying on non-vegetarian protein sources may hinder your weight loss. Opt for variety, and more nutritious sources as well.

04/7You consume more protein than required

The ideal protein intake differs from individual to individual, basis their body weight, lifestyle and needs. Thus, if you are consuming more protein than you may actually need, you may end up weighing more in the long run, and additionally risk health problems (including mood disorders, constipation etc.

05/7You have too few of carbs

A high protein diet requires you to have significantly high amount of protein sources but that doesn’t mean you simply let the carbs go. Carbs are and energy source needed by the body and letting them go wouldn’t be a wise thing.

Also remember that having too few carbs can make you more prone to having sugar cravings, binges, which may make you gain more weight if you aren’t careful. Listen to your body, include some carbs (look for good carbs) in your everyday diet.

06/7You have less energy to workout

Protein fuels your workout, right? That may not be the case all the time, however. Too high of a protein intake (and subsequently lesser energy giving carbs) can leave you feeling tired, exhausted often and unable to workout well. Bad workouts are also a factor which affect weight maintenance. Hence, pay attention to what you eat before and after your workout.

07/7You are missing out on fiber

Just like carbs, having too less fiber in your meals can pose problems too. It can also be a problem many people can face on a demanding high-protein diet. Fiber regulates digestion and supports good gut health, which is core to removing toxins from the body and speeding up weight loss. Thus, focus on upping your fiber intake too and include a bit of every food group in your meal.

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