Doha’s beautiful promenade is the perfect introduction to the city. At its southern part, you’ll find the iconic Museum of Islamic Art while at the northern, you’ll see Doha’s landmark and its very first hotel, the Sheraton. Walking along the Corniche is absolutely refreshing, especially just before sunset. Doha’s residents really enjoy spending time there; they jog, walk their dogs or simply spend a relaxing afternoon with friends.

Suggested route: Start from the Sheraton Hotel and walk towards the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). It’s an approximately 1-hour walk.

The Corniche is the go-to running route in Doha, hugging the coast of the Persian Gulf for 6.5 km. It’s conveniently located close to almost anywhere in town, and the views looking out on the water on one side and the Doha skyline are nothing short of spectacular. The Doha Athletics Club recommends starting out near the Sheraton Hotel Park (convenient if you’re staying on that side of town), and following the Corniche path out to the Museum of Islamic Art on Doha Port, just past the Pearl Monument. It’s 5.1 km (3.2 miles) to the Pearl Monument. From there, you can run out to the port for another 1 km, with great views of the Museum of Islamic Art, or continue along the promenade for another 1.5 km to the Qatar National Museum.


If you’ve had you’re fill of running on the Corniche, or you prefer the public camaraderie of running in parks, 88 hectare (240 acre) Aspire Park is your best option in Doha. It has its own set of designated running trails, (the longest loop about 5 km) circling around Aspire Lake. There’s an increasingly popular Park Run series. Info here.

The park is located within the larger Aspire Zone, a health and sports campus with an impressive array of facilities.

This is one of the most family-friendly parks in Doha. There is a plethora of sports activities for everyone to enjoy; there are cycling areas, jogging and walking tracks, playgrounds, a gym etc. There are also spots that are ideal for picnics. Aspire can be described as a green paradise in contrast to the desert landscape, offering relaxing and enjoyable moments to all.

You can reach Aspire either by metro (Sport City station) or by car (there are many parking areas around Aspire). Once you enter the Park, the choices you have for walking are unlimited.

3. Al Bidda Park

Al Bidda Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Doha. It features large outdoor sports equipment, open-air playgrounds and various other recreational facilities. Plus, it’s pet friendly – so both you and your four-legged friends can enjoy a nice walk!

You can reach Al Bidda Park either by metro (Al Bidda Park station) or by your car; and leave it at the South Parking. You can also leave your car near Doha Fire Station and directly reach the Park.


The Pearl” is a large artificial island on a rounded neck jutting out into the Gulf waters just north of Doha. It is home to 12,000+ residents, several luxury hotels, and numerous dining and entertainment venues. Among the ten precincts, there’s the Qanat Quartier, a “Venice-like community” with extensive canal system, pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas. 

The Pearl is one of the better running spots in the Doha area. Traffic here is a bit lighter than the rest of town, so it’s possible to get in some good running along Pearl Boulevard and Porto Arabia Drive, which feature good sidewalks. We’ve mapped an 11.5 km out and back route that goes from the Public Beach, east to Bahriya Beach. For an add-on or some variation, run out to Isola Dana, a narrow path that juts 2.3 km into the middle of the sea. The Pearl and its 13 islands continues to be a work in progress, so running options will continue to expand!

Suggested route: There are many routes you can follow at the Pearl area, however the ones we suggest is:

  • Start from Novo Cinemas at Medina Centrale and head towards Porto Arabia. In just a few minutes you’ll reach the Marina at Tower 22. From there, you can start walking towards Tower 1 and get a wonderful view of Doha’s skyline; it’s a walk of approximately 30 minutes.


The beautifully landscaped Oxygen Park is inspired by the wind, with carved features mimicking the eroded sandscape of the desert. The looping 1 km running track here may be short, but as it dips through tunnels, up hills, and under the glowing balloon lights, it adds an element of surprise and excitement to your run.

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