Humid weather expected during the week: QMD

  23 Aug 2020

Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) predicted a rise in relative humidity from Sunday until the end of the week. 

QMD stated that an increase in humidity is due to a shift in wind direction to easterly, ranging in speed from light to moderate at times, with chances of misty to foggy conditions in some areas during late night and early morning. 

On Sunday, hot temperatures during the daytime with some clouds were observed. 

The minimum and maximum temperatures vary between 34 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius respectively.

The wind is expected to blow northeasterly at 5KT to 15 KT. 

The sea heights inshore will vary from 1-2 ft and is expected to rise to 3ft to the eastern areas. The sea heights offshore will vary from 2-4 ft and will rise to 5ft to the eastern areas. 

On Monday, QMD predicted misty to foggy conditions at places at first and will become hot during daytime with some clouds. QMD also warned citizens and residents against poor visibility at some places at first, on this day. 

On Monday, the minimum and maximum temperature will vary between 34 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius respectively.

The wind is expected to blow mainly northeasterly at 5KT to 15KT on Monday. 

Sea heights will vary from 1-2ft inshore and will rise to 3ft by evening. Sea heights offshore will be 1-3ft and will rise to 2-4ft by evening. 

On Twitter, QMD listed safety precautions during the third month of summer’s hot weather conditions.

Some points include:

– Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to reflect sunlight

– Drink plenty of fluids

– Don’t leave children unattended in a vehicle

– Outdoor workers should take rest breaks in the shade

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