India needs 16.2 million skilled workers in AI, automation: Study

India will need to reskill and upskill 16.2 million workers in AI and automation, a study has said, outlining that AI will transform the employment landscape, augment digital skill sets and create millions of new tech jobs in the country. It also said that the technology will also creat 4.7 million new tech jobs, the study found.

“India’s digital skill ecosystem is also poised to grow in tandem, with ServiceNow’s research revealing that additional Application Developers (75,000), Data Analysts (70,000), Platform Owners (65,000), Product Owners (65,000), and Implementation Engineers (55,000) will be needed by 2027, to meet the tech deficit,” it said.

The study conducted by Pearson and commissioned by ServiceNow, uses machine learning to predict how technology will transform the tasks that make up each job.

“India’s decision-makers and industry stalwarts understand the potential of AI. We’re working with every industry across the country to showcase best practice use of AI to drive meaningful business change and ensure these changes bring about meaningful, quality and secure careers for people while also enhancing productivity,” said Kamolika Gupta Peres, vice president and managing director, ServiceNow Indian Sub-Continent.

How AI will change jobs
According to the study, AI and automation’s influence will reshape a substantial number of repetitive and technical jobs. It said that many workers currently in non-technical roles possess abilities that can be applied to high-quality, more technical work profiles.

ServiceNow’s study predicts that manufacturing will witness the biggest disruption, with 23% of the workforce primed for automation and skill augmentation, followed by Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (22%), Wholesale and Retail Trade (11.6%), Transportation and Storage (8%), and Construction (7.8%).

AI’s multiplier effect
The impact of AI and automation is expected to necessitate 4.6 million workers to augment their capacity between now and 2027. Even traditional technology roles such as Computer Programmers can reskill and evolve to become Flow Automation Engineers, Product Owners, Implementation Engineers, Master Architects in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

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