‘Mango Mania’ unfolds at Lulu Hypermarket outlets

‘Mango Mania’ unfolds at Lulu Hypermarket outlets

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Doha: Lulu Hypermarket has organised the Mango Festival by the name of ‘Mango Mania 2021’. The week-long festival was inaugurated by Ambassador of India to Qatar, H E Dr. Deepak Mittal at Lulu Hypermarket Al Gharrafa branch yesterday.

The event was attended by Dr. Alpna Mittal, Abdulla Khalifa Kuwari and other dignitaries from the retail/FMCG sectors, different communities and officials from the Lulu management.

The idea behind the festival was to introduce various varieties of mangoes and to make it popular among the local community and in the Middle East. 

Dr. Deepak Mittal said, “I am glad to join today for the inauguration of the Mango Festival, this first Mango Festival of the season 2021. I think Lulu has been doing a great job in organising such a Mango Festival every year, and this year’s festival with more than 30 varieties of mangoes from India are at display, coming and representing all different parts of the country.” 

The festival is going to be an amazing experience for the connoisseurs of mangoes in Qatar. The promotional campaign which is being held under the festival not only fetches the mango season to its maximum but also introduces the many flavours of more than 46 varieties of the luscious fruit mainly grown all over India, and around the world. It has been made convenient for the connoisseurs of this exotic fruit to taste the versatility and to buy the best taste that suits their palate.  

This year the festival will exhibit a wide variety of popular and delicious mangoes from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Brazil, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Kenya and Uganda. A few among the prominent varieties are: Alphonso, Himapasanth, Sindooram, Sindiri, Badami, Kesar, Rajapuri, Thottapuri, Duseri, Langara, Neelam, Banganapalli, Moovandan, Malgova, Mallika, Chakkara Gound and 5 varieties of Indian organic mangoes of historical importance.            

The Festival will also feature a wide range of mango-based products in the Hot Food Section namely Mambazha Payasam, Mango Raita, Mango Kesari, Fish Mango Curry, Chemmeen Mango Curry, Mango Chia Pudding, Mango Flax Seed Vegan Smoothie, Avocado-Mango Juice, Mango Lassi, Chai Mango Tango, Mango Jerjir Salad, Mango Chick Peas Salad, Mexican Raw Mango Salad, Thai Mango Salad, Mango Barfi, Mango Halwa and Zechuan Mango Fried Rice.  

The Bakery Section offers a series of delicacies such as Fresh Mango Cake, Mango Mousse Cake, Mango Muffin, Mango Tart, Mango Mousse Cup, Mango Loaf Cake, Mango Slab Cake, Mango Pastry and Mango Swiss Roll and many more.  Mango Mania also offers various processed and packed mango products ranging from jams, pickles, pulps, Mango fish Curry and cakes to a widespread variety of different products. 

Mangoes are seasonal fruits; full season of fresh mango fruit begins in the month of March and will last until August, when the rich fragrance of the fruit heralds its arrival and is usually harvested while they are green but perfectly mature. Unripe ones are extremely sour in taste. It is believed to be originated in the Sub-Himalayan plains of Indian subcontinent and is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruit with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and health-promoting qualities making it a common ingredient in new functional foods.     

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