Foods that can affect your mental health

Mental problems such as stress, anxiety and depression have become prevalent in this modern era. Provided even after practising every therapeutic tactic, you are still unable to maintain good mental health, then don’t be shocked to know about the foods promoting stress or deteriorating mental condition that you intake daily.

Refined carbohydrates

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A potential factor in increasing risk of heart problems, diabetes or obesity, refined carbohydrate is generally a strict no-no in various diet practices. A study by the mental health organization proved that consumption of refined carbs including refined sugar increases the risk of both anxiety and depression. Hence try omitting the use of white flour, white bread, white rice, agave sugar, syrups, confectionery products, processed snacks, pasta etc.

Use oats, brown rice, quinoa, cereals, bread from whole or sprouted wheat flour as healthy substitutes.

Added sugars

Why I'm Taking the New Sugar Guidelines With a Grain of Salt (and I'm a  Dietitian) | Parents

Sweetened food items can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels impacting energy levels and can even disbalance the mood, promoting anxiety issues. Try avoiding foods that contain processed or added sugar such as preserved fruit juices, jams, ketchup, dressings and sauces etc.

Try using natural sugar substitutes or products made from Stevia, erythritol, and yacon syrup.

Natural fruits and vegetable juices are far better than the packaged juices consisting of a lot of preservatives and sugar.

​Caffeinated beverages

A cup of coffee a day might decrease the risk of heart failure صيدلية  جاردينيا

The caffeine molecules disrupt the binding phenomenon of the adenosine with the brain receptors affecting the sleep cycle and ultimately resulting in anxiety, stress prompted by insomnia. Mild intake of caffeine is harmless but if you’re someone who’s having an excess amount of such beverages, then you can shortly fall prey to anxiety issues. Don’t forget that normal tea, certain chocolates and even flavoured cakes contain caffeine in them.

Instead opt for soothing herbal teas, concoctions made from mint, lemon or coconut water.


An irrational intake of alcohol can severely damage your entire body wellness. Many people take the help of alcohol to overcome misery, breakup, mood swings or anger, henceforth many people misunderstand it to give soothing or calming effects but in contrast, it simply worsens the situation. That is because alcohol alters the serotonin and neurotransmitter activity in the brain, exacerbating anxiety and making you even more freaked out as the booze wears off.

Try mojitos or mocktails or non-alcoholic beers.

T​rans fat

Trans Fats - What are Trans Fats, Trans Fat Dangers, Foods, Trans Fat Ban

Every time you open a packet of chips or chicken nuggets just remember that it’s not just your cheat meal but can simply make you vulnerable to mental health problems. The oil used for deep frying is generally partially hydrogenated where the vegetable oil gets transformed into a more solid-state, allowing it to last longer on the shelf. Hence, such a source of trans fats can contribute to severe heart as well as mental issues.

Better go for snacks made with saturated fats such as ghee or butter.

High salt content

High salt intake linked to increased mortality rate in new Japanese study

Excess sodium in the body can disrupt the kidney as well as the neurological system. Salt can even give rise to mood disorders, depression or even fatigue by interfering with immune function. However, bloating and weight gain due to salt intake can even result in a negative body image.

Minimize the salt intake.

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